Slippery Slope

Kiya is not ready for the maths’ exam he is going to have the next day. He tries to convince first Abebe and then Yared to let him copy the answers from their exam papers. Abebe and me, Abeba try to tell him that he should study by himself.

When Kiya understands that we will not help him, he decides to go to the staff office, where he tries to trick civics’ Teacher and copy the answers from the exam he finds on the desk. Our civics’ Teacher catches Kiya when he is about to cheat. It took us some effort to convince him, but soon he regrets his acts and apologizes. After a month Kiya scored well on another exam because he studied for it.

Cheating is not the act of somebody who is tough and who studies to be successful. The time spent on cheating could be used more efficiently in studying.

We children have to learn about our responsibilities to become responsible and honest citizens.