Animation in Ethiopia

A journey into the unknown. If you’re au fait with animation and all things cartoony of late you’ll perhaps be aware of the leaps and bounds the industry is making in it’s application. Software is becoming easier and easier to use with constant tweaking on interface malleability ensuring even the most novice of novices is able to put together a short animated teaser for posting on the net and beyond.

In Ethiopia, of all places, this is being put to the test but not just for some back room boy’s own attic project, oh no. This ever-evolving medium has been embraced fully by the Federal Government and been taken several steps further, rigorously pushing the frontiers that Disney first laid tracks to with Mickey Mouse in “Steamboat Willy” and Aardman shot Wallace and Gromit to fame (and the moon) with in “A Grand Day Out”.

In 2011 Ethiopia’s national channel, ETV, will start broadcasting the country’s first animated series for children, no mean feat as until now there has been little or no children’s programming on the terrestrial channel let alone animation.