Cartoon Capacity Building

‘Abeba and Abebe’ has been brought to your screens through a real team effort with experts and professionals from across the world, as well as right here in Ethiopia, building our capacity on this ‘first-time in Ethiopia’ venture.

Tamesol Communications, an IT multimedia company based in Addis Ababa, worked closely with the House of Federation to make ready all 52 animated episodes for broadcast on the national TV network, ETV. Well known for its weekly television shows, Forum Cinema and Constitution Q&A, Tamesol will soon be celebrating 9 years of its most long-running quiz show, Tiyakena Mels.

A huge team of animators, artists, programmers, editors and directors were gathered from Addis Ababa and around and all were trained in a Canadian animation software called ‘Toon Boom’.

Writers were commissioned, including Tsehay Melaku and Wudalat Gebru, well known for their contribution to the school Civics curriculum here in Ethiopia. Simon Rolph, a writer on UK animated kids’ shows (Driver Dan, Fun with Claude), worked with the team developing the concept and characters as well as editing the stories and scripts.

Our voices were all acted and recorded by a cast of kids just like us, going to school, studying Civics, having fun learning and, now, being part of the first ever animated TV series for kids in Ethiopia! Yaaay!!