Monday 14.03.2011 Stories

Slippery Slope

Kiya is not ready for the maths’ exam he is going to have the next day. He tries to convince first Abebe and then Yare... ... የበለጠ ለማይበብ

Monday 14.03.2011 Stories

Go Abeba

How embarassing! Kiya refuses me, Abeba, to play football just because I am a girl. But Abebe knows how much I love to... ... የበለጠ ለማይበብ

Monday 14.03.2011 Stories

Ethiopia My Country

We are travelling around different parts of our country. It is interesting to see Ethiopia with its different nations... ... የበለጠ ለማይበብ

Sunday 13.03.2011 Stories

Stories at a glance

‘Abeba and Abebe’ is all about day-to-day living. It’s about our neighborhood and our school and all our friends we mee... ... የበለጠ ለማይበብ