Wednesday 09.03.2011 - 07:04 Cast

Mamo and Mola

Mamo and Mola are mean, horrible robbers who pop in from time to time to do their best to upset us all.

Wednesday 09.03.2011 - 07:03 Cast

Aregash and Nesru

This may be a kid’s show but there are other adults around as well as teachers and parents.

Wednesday 09.03.2011 - 07:01 Cast

Jalele and Tesfaye

Jalele, our mother, is a nurse at the hospital and very active in the local community. Tesfaye, our father, is a bit mor... ... የበለጠ ለማይበብ

Wednesday 09.03.2011 - 07:00 Cast

Melaknesh and Abdu

Our favourite teachers are for Civics and Sports.

Wednesday 09.03.2011 - 06:57 Cast

Abeba and her friends

We’re the main characters and you’ll find us all at the center of our stories in some way or other!