Tuesday 07.06.2011 Animation

Cartoon capacity building

‘Abeba and Abebe’ has been brought to your screens through a real team effort with experts and professionals from across... ... የበለጠ ለማይበብ

Monday 06.06.2011 Animation

Abeba and Abebe

Abeba and Abebe is the first ever animated series to be made in Ethiopia by and for Ethiopians. It follows a standard ki... ... የበለጠ ለማይበብ

Abeba holds up her Constitution

Thursday 10.03.2011 Animation

Adventures in the Constitution

‘Abeba and Abebe’ is all about day-to-day living. It’s about our neighborhood and our school and all our friends we meet... ... የበለጠ ለማይበብ

 The Kids with the Ethiopian Flag

Tuesday 01.03.2011 Animation

Animation in Ethiopia

A journey into the unknown. If you’re au fait with animation and all things cartoony of late you’ll perhaps be aware o... ... የበለጠ ለማይበብ

The kids gathered under the tree at the school

Friday 25.02.2011 Animation

It's all about kids

'Abeba and Abebe' is an animation series made in Ethiopia with kids, for kids, about… kids! In school we learn lots of ... ... የበለጠ ለማይበብ

Meet the Characters

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